Peterbd is an email legend. Writing emails under the cover of darkness and anonymity Peterbd works tirelessly to get his words out. Those who have received his emails are particularly fond of them. Despite Peterbd’s anonymity he has managed to occasionally leave his secret liar. Most of those…

The ever formidable Beach Sloth steps into the doorway of Noncanon Press and spies one of our founding contributors: Peterbd



outtakes from my forthcoming video poem, ‘maple-flavored almond butter,’ out next sunday over at html giant

(*the ataris are an american pop-punk that, although they are not technically disbanded as of 2014, enjoyed most of their success during the early 2000s. importent songs include their ‘boys of summer’ cover, ‘i won’t spend another night alone,’ ‘so long astoria,’ & probably others i’m forgetting too.)

Sensational Noncanonite, Shabby Doll, and other founding member of 0rs0m3th1ng, Oscar Bruno debuts a salacious preview for their forthcoming video project. We here at Noncanon wouldn’t call them a pheonix, but they certainly do like ash. Watch this space. 




Now through March 15, you can pre-order American Barricade, and if you pre-order American Barricade it will ship to you for free. Here are 90 words that Timothy Donnelly said about the book:

"American Barricade is a beautifully constructed and powerful lyric narrative that’s…

Noncanonite Danniel Schoonebeek’s first book of poetry, published by Yes Yes, is coming soon…